Your first visit to Bahrain is guaranteed to be something unique.

Bahrain rich history

The past and the future clash in wonderful sceneries, relaxed private beaches, impressive constructions and a sizzling, lively atmosphere. To make sure you grasp a little bit of everything this Gulf island has to offer, you need to discover what Bahrain was and where it is heading. \n \n Start by walking down the heritage path to unravel the mysteries of Bahrain’s rich history. From the Dilmun Civilization, to the Portuguese reign, the Islamic era and the fascinating evolution of the pearl industry, Bahrain’s past will leave you in awe, as its relicts will lay in front of your eyes.

Discover ancient architecture, engulf in the spirituality of the mosques and indulge your senses with the most fascinating traditional dishes in one of the many souqs.


Bahrain also offers one of the most thrilling shopping experiences you could ask for.

As an economy that built its foundation on the pearl industry long before oil was discovered, this is the perfect place to go in search of the most exquisite pieces of jewelery.

The modern side of the island also offers you state-of-the-art malls, where opulence invites you to wander and be amazed.

Not only does Bahrain boast of its desert heritage but it takes immense pride in being an island as well. This means taking a walk along its gleaming beaches, cruising the clear waters on a yacht and getting your adrenaline high with an abundance of water sport activities to choose from. The luxury beach resorts in Bahrain allow for private access to the pristine waters which will leave you sun – kissed and wanting to come back for more.
So put on your beach hat and spray some sunblock because it’s time to get beach-y!

The world is your oyster. Let Bahrain be its pearl.

GET YOUR tan on

Un(wine) and Dine

For those who enjoy experimenting with various cuisines, Bahrain will surely leave each one of your palates satisfied. Make your pick from an ever growing and diverse chain of restaurants or unwind at one of the many lounges or bars that offer all kinds of enjoyable spirits and blends to jazz up your evenings!

And of course, the coffee lovers will have the best time visiting the increasing number of local and international cafes. The prominent café culture brings together the authenticity of the Arabian Sheesha and the modern brews of coffee. Didn’t we say there was something for everyone?


If you’re looking for a bit of an adventure, the Formula 1 Track is definitely the place for you. Gear up for one of the most adrenaline infused atmospheres that is bound to leave you coming back for more!